2020-2021 Witches’ Almanac

“Holey Stones” — The magickal power of stones with natural holes in the middle.

“Witch Windows” — Why are those tilted Vermont windows called Witch Windows?

“Lead Curse Tablets” — The Romans gave us more than straight roads…

2019-2020 Witches’ Almanac

“Horseshoes” — The folklore and future of horseshoes.

“The Black Dog” — Phantom black dogs and what might happen if you encounter one.

“Horse Creatures” — Planning a trip to Great Britain or Scandinavia? Familiarize yourself with the local water horses.

2018-2019 Witches’ Almanac

“Thumb Cats” — Properly called polydactyls, “double-pawed” cats are a curiosity with a long history.
“Seer Stones”— A divination technique you might not have heard about.
“La Santa Muerte”— Who is that skeletal woman in the beautiful wedding dress?
“Coffin Rings” — Another way of remembering.
“Nettles” — The scoop on stinging nettles.

Thanks to Pat Camarena-Rose Barbary of Artes and Craft in Hartford, Michigan, for her help with the Santa Muerte article. Pat is a 1st-generation Mexican American who currently runs MoonFire Coven. MoonFire was originally in Boston, Massachusetts, but is now newly formed in Southwest Michigan.

No Wasted Ink, February 2018

DIY Writing Retreats

Can’t afford a luxury writing retreat? This article covers do-it-yourself writing retreats for small groups.

2017-2018 Witches’ Almanac

“Corpse Doors”
“Easter Witches”

From the Nordic countries we find two fascinating bits of folklore, one ancient (“Corpse Doors”) and one extending into the current time (“Easter Witches”).

2016-2017 Witches’ Almanac

“The Magic of Kohl”
“Nyctophilia, or the Love of Night”
“The Cursed Amethyst and Other Cursed Gems”
“Breaking Glass”
“Sidonia von Bork, Sorceress”

Not just for beautification, kohl has magical properties. Read “The Magic of Kohl” to find out more.  “Nyctophilia, or the Love of Night” gives insight into why many of us love the night. “The Cursed Amethyst and Other Cursed Gems” explores some of the legends associate with cursed gems. We all know the superstitions associated with breaking mirrors, but what about those associated with breaking glass? “Breaking Glass” has some good news. Who was Sidonia von Bork? Read “Sidonia von Bork, Sorceress” and find out.

HWA Newsletter, July 2015 / Volume 25, Issue 180 (Members only)

“Writing Retreats”

Can’t afford a luxury writing retreat? This article explores some lower-cost options, including DIY retreats for small groups.

2015-2016 Witches’ Almanac

“Picking Things Up”

Do you pick up a penny when you see it on the ground? “Picking Things Up” reveals the origin of and some variations on this tradition.

“Walpurgisnacht” describes the German legend surrounding The Brocken and a recent visit there. According to the legend, on Walpurgisnacht (May Eve), witches gathered from the four corners of the world to attend the Witches’ Sabbat. Riding brooms and goats, they flew to a mist-shrouded mountain peak called the Brocken, or Blocksberg.

On a hot summer night, just as dusk descends, at the edge of a wood or marsh, something magickal happens. As the sunlight fades, small twinkles of light, faint at first, pulse in the growing shadows. As night overtakes the twilight, more flashes appear, glowing brighter against the contrast of the deepening dark. “Fireflies” recounts some of the legends associated with these bioluminescent cuties.

2014-2015 Witches’ Almanac

“The Power of Hair”
“Graveyard Dust”

“The Power of Hair” describes the magical properties of that keratinous biomaterial that covers and protects our scalp and body.

“Graveyard Dust” relates the uses and legends regarding graveyard dust (also known as “goofer dust”).

2013-2014 Witches’ Almanac

“What the Moon Sees: Moonshine and Moon-cursers”

Countless poems, stories, articles, and treatises have been published about what we see when we look at the full moon, but what does the full moon see when looking down on us?

2012-2013 Witches’ Almanac

“The Little Warrior: A Protective Talisman”

If you have a loved one in a war zone or other dangerous area, you can deploy your own little warrior on a mission of protection.

2011-2012 Witches’ Almanac

“New Year’s Traditions”

A brief look at some New Year’s traditions from around the world.

2010-2011 Witches’ Almanac

“Hot Cross Buns, Sweet Pagans”

Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, Hot Cross buns are thought to pre-date the Christianized custom.

2009-2010 Witches’ Almanac

“Flying Ointment ”

Witches can’t fly. Or can they?

2008-2009 Witches’ Almanac

“Crystal Balls”

Perhaps you’ve wondered if you could see visions in a crystal ball.

2007-2008 Witches’ Almanac

“Spring Egg Spells”

Using the ancient custom of coloring eggs at spring to bring your intentions to fruition.

2006-2007 Witches’ Almanac

“Fearless Flying”

Protection meditation for the frequent — or non-so-frequent — flyer.

Broad Universe Broadsheet, September 2009

Sharpening Your Axe

How to sharpen your writing and creative skills from listening to podcasts.