The Old Power Returns

The Old Power Returns

978-0-9741740-7-5_85 With Spring, the tides of the universe grow stronger. The sap from the trees runs again, and life stirs again— but it’s all life: physical, mental, psychic… good, evil.Yes, the old power returns, but the power, like the tides themselves, can be for good or evil…

Things are not well in the fictional town of Danforth, a mere 25 miles west of the largest city in New England. No doubt the easy access to a large population of prey is an attractive feature for vampires.

Can Alicia, logic-worshipping proto-geek, stave off the vampire? Will Evan’s congee burn in the pan? And what of the “Wizard of Westville”?

The Old Power Returns is the sequel to Darksome Thirst, but I wrote it with enough background so that new readers can jump right in. This one’s a little more fun than the first one, but doesn’t skimp on atmosphere or chills.

Harvest Shadows Publications
320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9741740-7-5

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